science vs. religion

Mainstream media flop – how media attempted to use science to disprove biblical “claim” that Canaanites were annihilated

Using science or history for support, media outlets relish the opportunity to prove the Bible wrong. The most recent case in point: widespread media assertions that a recent research paper, which concludes Canaanite descendants survived to modern-day, contradicts biblical scripture. In this case, it appears the science may be right – but the media claims that the bible says Canaanites were annihilated is unequivocally false. In fact, several passages in the Bible specifically tell us Canaanite society survived. Research paper spawns gush of anti-religious headlines in mainstream media The gush of anti-religious headlines began after a recent study sponsored by The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute showed modern Lebanese inherited about 90 percent of their genetic makeup from the Canaanites. To reach the conclusion, scientists extracted DNA from

Christian creationism vs. science’s Theory of Evolution – did God paint the universe with a random brush?

Pitting deep-rooted theological beliefs against modern-day scientific theory The Theory of Evolution is an oft-debated topic pitting the deep-rooted beliefs of theologians against the theories of modern-day scientists. Scientists suggest (and often, violating their own scientific process, wholeheartedly accept as truth) that man evolved over time – that certain human characteristics change with successive generations. Proposed by Charles Darwin in his 1869 book, The Origin of Species, “natural selection” or “chance law” proposes that humans arose through random mutations designed to ensure the species survived and prospered.  Theologians on the other hand, promote the Intelligent Design theory (creationism) that postulates humans originated due to the intentional arrangement of their matter, including their DNA-based genetic code, by an intelligent agent. Battle lines drawn in the sand, each side firmly plants their