Modern Day Lessons

Christian creationism vs. science’s Theory of Evolution – did God paint the universe with a random brush?

Pitting deep-rooted theological beliefs against modern-day scientific theory The Theory of Evolution is an oft-debated topic pitting the deep-rooted beliefs of theologians against the theories of modern-day scientists. Scientists suggest (and often, violating their own scientific process, wholeheartedly accept as truth) that man evolved over time – that certain human…
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Christian News

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” admits he’s an agnostic and finds idea of a God as “troublesome”

On the heels of a public debate with Creation Museum CEO Ken Ham, children’s science hero Bill Nye “The Science Guy” admitted to Huffington Post today that he is an agnostic and found the idea of a God that directs our lives as "troublesome".  Nye is scheduled to debate Ham…
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The Creation of the World (Genesis 1:1 – 2:3) – the Bible describes the birth of earth and humans

The creation of the world “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”  This simple but profound statement explains that out of nothing, God created everything. God created our world in six days.  The first three days involved acts of separation, progressing from large acts of separation to…
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