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Attacks against Christians and Christian churches in Europe have reached a record high.

Attacks against Christians and Christian churches in Europe reached records highs in 2019. New research from GIIPC found approximately 3,000 violent acts against European Christians in 2019, including looting, vandalism, and arson. Many of the incidents went unreported by the media. According to the report: “Violence against Christian sites is most widespread in France, where churches, schools, cemeteries and monuments are being vandalized, desecrated and burned at an average rate of three per day, according to government statistics. In Germany, attacks against Christian churches are occurring at an average rate of two per day.” According to the report, in countries such as France and Germany, violence against Christians often derives from competing religious groups. In Spain, by contrast, attacks against Christian churches are often carried out by anarchists

The Nuun – a symbol of solidarity for persecuted Christians throughout the world. What it is and where it came from.

You may have noticed the cross with the odd symbol on T-shirts, websites, or in the news. It’s become a symbol of solidarity for Christians all over the world. Oddly enough, the cross’s origins derive from the radical Muslim group, ISIS. Here's how it came to be. The symbol on the cross is “Nuun” (or “Nun”), the Arabic alphabet equivalent of the Roman letter “N”. It’s the first letter of the word “Nasrani” or “Nasarah” (Nazarene in English), a word commonly used by ISIS as a derogatory referral to Christians. The symbol became known in Iraq and Syria where Jihadists spray-painted the letter on houses occupied by Christians in order to mark them for attack (see image gallery below). Christians around the world picked up on the

Chick-fil-A ceases donations to anti-LGBT organizations, including Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Chick-fil-A says it will no longer contribute to two charitable foundations that have been criticized by liberal media for their belief that sex outside marriage, homosexual marriages, and other alternative lifestyles are unacceptable to God. Chick-fil-A noted that contributions to the Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes will cease and instead, monies will be diverted exclusively to “organizations that focus on education, homelessness, and hunger”. Gay rights organization GLAAD said in a statement that Chick-fil-A customers and employees should "greet today's announcement with cautious optimism". The reason for the more liberal stance may be related to recent expansions into more liberal areas of the country, including the recent opening of their first restaurant in New York City.

Here are the top 10 countries, many of which are “friends” of the United States, where Christians face dire persecution today.

  “Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters... Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.” – Hebrews 13:1-3. Christians are familiar with biblical martyrs, those who were imprisoned and/or killed for their faith. But many Christians are unaware that Christian persecution continues unabated in many countries. This is especially concerning because many of the countries where Christians are routinely persecuted are considered “friends” of the United States. Here are the top 10 places where Christians face the greatest persecution today. Algeria Algeria has strict Muslim blasphemy laws which make Christianity difficult to maintain. Nearly 30% of the country’s Christian churches were closed by the Algerian government last year. Egypt From

Using a shell company to keep construction secret, Planned Parenthood builds largest abortion clinic in the United States.

Planned Parenthood’s newest facility will be a massive 18,000 square-foot mega-clinic in Illinois. Construction began in August 2018 under a shell company in order to leave no public trace of the project. Once opened, the facility will be one of the largest abortion clinics in the country. According to CBS News, the secrecy surrounding the project was needed to squash public resistance: “Other Planned Parenthood projects had run into problems once the public realized the construction was for an abortion provider. In one instance, a communications company had refused to install telephone and data lines; in another, a cabinet maker never delivered an order. In Birmingham, Alabama, protestors targeted Planned Parenthood's suppliers, flooding their social media accounts with fake negative reviews.” Unlike most areas in the bible

Mosaic discovered in ancient early-Christian church depicts Jesus feeding of the 5,000.

Archaeologists have discovered a colorful mosaic in an ancient early-Christian church that depicts one of Jesus' most notable miracles - the feeding of the 5,000. The archaeological site, called the Burnt Church in Hippos, is found on a mountain about a mile east of the Sea of Galilee. The church was constructed between 400 AD and 500 AD and was destroyed by fire around 600 AD. The church was partially exposed in 2009 providing archaeologists a goldmine of early-Christian history that had been protected under a 12-inch layer of ash. This week archaeologists announced the discovery of a colorful mosaic inside the church that depicts two fish and five loaves of bread matching the New Testament description of Jesus feeding the 5,000. The church is located in

Denmark persecution of Christian evangelist forces family to seek asylum in the United States.

Denmark prides itself as a liberal, modern nation that thinks out of the box and is ahead of the times but their recent persecution of religious faiths seems like a page taken from the dark ages. In the latest round of religious persecutions, Christian evangelist Torben Søndergaard has been forced to flee Denmark after an intense government campaign sought to destroy his ministry. Torben, along with 30 trained disciples, began the Jesus Center in Denmark. Attacks against the ministry began in 2016 when the Jesus Center was inundated with red-tape investigations ranging from food safety to unpaid taxes. The investigations ultimately found Jesus Center committed no crimes so Denmark shifted the scrutiny to Torben's family. First they investigated the methods Torben used to homeschool their daughter.

Canadian couple’s case stonewalled after 1st grade teacher shows video from YouTube’s Queer Kid Stuff stating there’s no such thing as girls and boys.

A Canadian couple is livid after their elementary school showed first graders a video taken from the YouTube channel, Queer Kid Stuff, and the teacher told the children “there is no such things as girls and boys”. The video went on to say that there’s nothing wrong with boys wearing women’s dresses stating, “Well, Teddy, did you know that some people aren’t boys or girls?” The couple say their daughter came home confused, and over the next few weeks, kept approaching the parents asking them why it is not “real” that she is a girl. The child went on to state that she was now “not sure if she wants to be a mommy”. The concerned parents approached the teacher at Devonshire Community Public School who refused

Why are children’s TV networks championing gay-friendly agendas? Behind the pro-LGBT prejudice on popular children’s cartoon shows.

Parents know the importance of being aware of the television shows their children watch. But when it comes to kid's cartoons, we often blindly assume the producers of children's television shows will not promote political and moral agendas on young children. Many are unaware that children's TV networks are already blatantly championing a gay-friendly agenda and advancing pro-LGBT prejudice on young children through their cartoon shows. Cartoon Network's championing of controversial politics to young children Cartoon Network is watched by millions of children each day. In June 2019 (“pride month”), Cartoon Network tweeted the following: “We want to wish everyone a HAPPY PRIDE and encourage all of our LGBTQ+ fans to stand proud all year long!” The tweet included a picture of their popular Powerpuff Girls characters and the

Springfield, Pennsylvania school nixes “God Bless America” after complaint from atheist group

Sabold Elementary School in Springfield, Pennsylvania has always allowed students and teachers to announce “God Bless America” after the morning Pledge of Allegiance. Faculty and students enjoyed the opportunity to show their patriotism while proudly expressing an important aspect of their lives - religion. That changed this month when Principal Peter Brigg’s school bowed to demands from the nationwide atheist organization, Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF). According to FFRF, the organization received a complaint from a parent and contacted superintendent Anthony Barber claiming that “God Bless America” is a form of prayer and according to FFRF, “a prayer hosted by a publicly supported school does not pass constitutional muster.” With embarrassing little effort to fight for the school district’s right to say “God Bless America”, the